Day Six


It’s our sixth day, Souljourner!

What is your Soul saying to you about the journey?

I believe the voice of your  Soul is thanking you for becoming more & more aware

of the Infinite Grace that surrounds you each and every moment of the day.

I believe the voice of your Soul is being heard as never before.

I believe your Soul is singing a constant song of Grace.

I believe your Soul is experiencing peace.











No, Beloved. Grace is here now.

It’s just like Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

 The ability to experience Grace

has ALL-ways been with you.

The ability to experience Grace

Will All-ways  be with you.

It is your choice.

Grace is  Ever-present.

Ever joyful.

 “Pre-sent” yourself!

 Receive this eternal gift now!

Spiritual Practice

Surrounded in this sea of Grace

in this sea of love

in this sea of God

it is so easy to recognize the perfect

Power, Presence and Intelligence of the Master of this Sea.

And I become One with the One in this Sea of God.

This Sea of Grace.

It is in

This sea of Grace I am supported.

It is in

This sea of Grace I am upheld.

The flailing of arms stops.

I  resist no longer.

I allow this Grace to Be.









praise this God of the Sea.

This God in around & through me.

Diving in, intentionally, purposely,  I rest in this Grace.

{Be still. Ride the Sea. Rest in Thee}

I am so grateful for the beauty & peace that I have found in this infinite Sea of God.

This infinite Sea of Grace.

The weight is gone.

I am afloat.

I am




so it is


Spiritual Truth

In this ocean of peace, where there is nothing but the Truth of God waving gently upon your Soul,

take these verses into meditation:

“Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned:

forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.

Luke 6 : 36 – 37

In Practice

I know, Souljourner, that the message of this Truth has touched your Soul.

How does this message relate to Grace?

Is it possible to live in Grace with judgement in your heart?

Is it possible to feel freedom = Grace when your heart is filled with unforgiveness?

Are you removing yourself from the gifts of Grace by holding onto:

judgement, prejudice, bigotry,envy, jealousy,  hate?

Is it possible to feel Oneness with God when you are withholding

forgiveness, understanding or cooperation toward your fellow-man?

Dig Deeper


“God’s grace is a state of forgiveness”

Joel Goldsmith


Journal about this.

Be specific.

If you desire to live in peace, to live in Grace,

you  must be honest with yourself and free yourself from  the anchor

{the person} moreover { the belief}

that is weighing you down into the depths of the sea.

By cutting the anchor free, instantly you rise up to  float effortlessly upon the Sea.

This is where the Grace is found.

This is where the Peace is known.

This is where you belong.

Souljourn there with me.

My Story

The illustration is my story.

“Today I Judge Nothing”




Or should I say unconsciously because this is simply a part of me,




This began in the mid 90’s when I read, then took a class, based upon Deepak Chopra’s book,

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”

When I read the prayer that follows which he quoted from the Course of Miracles

“Today I shall judge nothing that occurs”

it resonated with my Soul.

 I began the practice, as he suggested,  an hour at a time;  gradually increasing the practice to a daily commitment of non-judgement.

Today, as I stated, it is no longer a  commitment; it is simply who I am.

You will be amazed how this practice frees your Soul;

Allows you to dive into the Sea of Grace.

Try it.



Say it out loud when you begin to judge.

Release yourself from the habit of judging


create the habit of loving,


Christ taught.

Create the habit of living in Grace!


Thank you for this infinite gift of Grace.

I take personal responsibility for acceptance of this gift.

I realize now what separates me from the peace promised.

I let go of judgement.

For myself.

For others.





Anchors Away!