Rest Here.

by Grace {illustrated}

Morning Glory (1 of 1)

The Holy Readjustment


Eva Bell Werber

I would speak further with you regarding the burdens which you bring to Me

to be lifted from your heart & consumed by the Altar Fires.

The question arises in you mind, “Lord, can they just be consumed,  and thus leave my life?

What of their effects, how shall taking the fear of them from my heart solve the problem?”

Listen, carefully, My child, for this is the kernel at the heart of the message.

 It is only the fear and the weight of the burden,

the outer wrappings,

that are burned at the altar.

This leaves the heart of it exposed to the rays of My Divine Intelligence & Wisdom.

This washes & purges it in a holy readjustment.

Unseen, but mighty Forces take this heart out of the problem & work it out on the basis of

My Truth & Perfect Harmony.

Readjustment in the outer life must & shall follow, as daylight follows night.

So you see, My Beloved, there is never cause for fear,


are you justified in carrying for one moment a thing which distresses you.

You shall put this to the test & find it true.

Now you have a deeper understanding of how My Love operates when you do your part

& accept the great privilege, which is so freely given.

You understand now how you really have a right to go forth from this tryst, free in every way for My Service.

Knowing this, if you are still fettered by anything great or small, it shall displease & grieve Me greatly.

Your mind must ever be open & receptive to My Truths.

They cannot penetrate a mind distraught by outer disturbances.

Peace & the secret of Peace I have now given you.

Go forth & practice it!