Rather dull.

by Grace {illustrated}

swallowtail butterfly

See me.  

These two simple words keep calling out to me ~

this butterfly ~

the illustration ~


For years I have seen these butterflies come & go.

Dismissed them ~ ~

 their colors not aglow.

Rather dull.  Nondescript.

Their label made ~

that was it.

Until I looked closer





 A swallowtail ?  ~ ~  that does not fit the bill.

O’ my goodness is that color I see?

No way ~ it is like a peacock  ~ colorful  as can be.

Simply by taking the phrase ‘see me’ to heart

look at the beauty this one imparts.

Consciously choosing ~

putting this practice in place ~

as I look in your eyes, I  see more than your face.

I  see you ~ perhaps for the very first time ~

as an expression of God ~




No more labels.

No more scripts.

This dull little butterfly illustrates this!