Five Minute Friday!

Feeling so comfortable in this;

thanks to all of the loving people I continue to meet there.

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to add great joy

to your


{the writing prompt}




To be {comfort}able in one’s own skin


begins within~~

When you know who you really are~

there can be no scars.

For your original divine nature is the truth of your BE-ing.

Allow it to be the essence of all that you are seeing.

Look into those beautiful eyes that are yours alone.

Find your comfort there ~ never bemoan ~~

For God has made you exactly as you are.

You are light & love ~ more than that ~ His radiant star.

How can you show this love & light to the world

when you refuse to see it in your eyes, dear girl?

Begin to feel {comfort}able in your own skin.

This is the only place {comfort & joy = peace} lies ~~~