Home of the Brave {Grace}

Five Minute Friday!

The prompt today?


You will only have to feel brave the first time you go to:


After that,

all fear subsides because of the fellowship found


Lisa Jo’s Community of Love.


To see beyond all that appears

To look into the eyes of fear

This represents Grace to me

Home of the Brave — Home of the Free.

Despite that which comes my way

Lies the opportunity to display

The unfailing Presence &  Power within

Where true peace is found — where Grace begins.

Be Brave, my friend, today.

Trust God in each & every way.

NO + thing is impossible when you make Grace your home.

NO + thing is improbable — ALL is known.

Look right into that which no longer serves you well.

See it for what it is — mesmerism.  A spell.

There is not God and Something else.

There is only His Presence revealing itself.

My prayer for you today.

Is that you see God in a totally new way.

You see His goodness & glory as never before.

You are brave. You open the door.