Grace Notes.

by Grace {illustrated}

Wonder what Grace means to you?

Do you recognize it?

It is in all you do.

From being led to make that call.

To being protected against that fall.

God is truly nearer than hands and feet.


God is there to make each moment complete.

Wonder how you receive this Grace?

Is there something you must do?

Something you must face?

Grace is there right now with you.

Just as certain as the sky is blue.

Grace is not something that goes away.

Grace is your divine heritage…it will always stay.

It is your recognition of this infinite gift.

That propels your life forward…that gives it a lift.

From the struggles the “world” all too well knows.

To the glory that God, the Presence within you, shows.

So answer that call knocking upon your heart.

Say, please enter, I let go; that’s the start.

Then feel this Presence that is within you.

Abide with It in all that you do.

The more you call upon the Divine flow

The more harmonic your life will go.

It is such a simple way to live.

If only you will let go and give

The Presence of God the chance to speak.

To give you all that your heart seeks.

{Practice the Presence, my friend, each day}

This is Grace and it is here to stay.