{Pie in the Sky} Grace

by Grace {illustrated}

There are so many ways to get things done.

You can rely upon yourself




There is such a difference when you connect to the Source.

All needs are met. You stay on course.

This may seem like

{Pie in the Sky}








tell you



When you connect to God within

Miraculous results begin.

When you draw forth from the Infinite supply.

There can be no pie in the sky.

The Creator of the Universe is not a lofty matter.

The wisdom imparted removes all chatter.

Yes, you can rely upon your limited vision


become One with the One whose all decisions

are for the highest and best for all

are for you expressing your divine call.

Grace is not for the weak at heart.

Grace is for those who choose to start.

To let go of all that you have been taught.

To see, instead, that you are not

dependent upon your mind alone

there is that {something} within you that desires to be known.

That {something} within you is the Source of All.

That {something} within you makes you stand tall.

For you begin to realize who you really are.

God in Expression. An Infinite Star.

It seems hard to imagine that this is true.

But be of good courage.  See it through.

Begin to do what Jesus asked you to do.

Allow your spiritual identity to show through.

This is not an easy way.

This is not what the “world” might say.

But this is the Truth that has been taught.

This is what each one has sought.

True Oneness with God assures a life of Grace.

No {Pie in the Sky}