Day One

by Grace {illustrated}


Hello, Dear One!

So glad you have chosen to make the 21 day commitment to Grace!

Grab some paper or a journal and let’s begin!


All set?

Settled in?


Take a few deep breaths

Rest & Relax

in this



One Presence

One Power

One Substance

One Source


And I am One with this Presence

One with this Power

One with this Divine Intelligence.

Right here.

Right now.

I allow this Presence to fill my very soul.

I allow this Presence to be my strength.

To be my comfort.

To love me as no one ever could.

This Divine Presence is my Truth of Being

for I am One with the Father


 it is in this Oneness

that all peace is found.

All joy is known.

All wisdom is given.

I allow this wondrous Presence of God to be felt in, around and through me.

There is nothing wrong with calling upon this Presence.

It is in this establishment of my Oneness with God that I am able to glorify Him.

I breathe into this peace.

Into this love.

Into this knowingness that where I am God is and all is well.

I give thanks for this opportunity to become One with all who are seeking the Truth.

Who desire to know you personally.

Who desire to live a life of Grace.

I know that as my heart opens to your guidance, my life changes.

 It is with joy that I see your reflection becoming clearer and clearer in my life and in all who are sharing this journey.

I now let go and allow your glorious expression to come forth!

And so it is.


Didn’t that feel good?

And you know what?  That “feeling good” is the essential ingredient of Grace.

When you are One with God,

despite any circumstance surrounding you,

you have the choice to feel  peace


once you experience

God’s Peace:

the peace that passeth ALL understanding

you just want more & more!!!



We will begin each day Practicing the Presence of God through prayer.

I encourage you to speak the prayer out loud throughout your day.

Another choice is to  record the prayer and listen to it throughout your day


to write your own prayer 

 reminding  yourself of the Presence of God that is right there where you are!


{If you write your own prayer, please feel free to share it with us!}


My Story

I began Practicing the Presence of God by example.

I was taught this practice in the 1990’s by a beloved minister, Dr. Ernest Phillips.

I can still see him coming up to me, closing his eyes and saying,

“the Presence of God”


from that moment on I knew that God wasn’t “out there” somewhere,

but right there

with me.

You, too, can know this presence by closing your eyes just long enough to say,

“the Presence of God”

Try it.  See what happens.

It is real, my friend.

No hocus pocus.

That is God.

Right there where you are!!!


Exercise Time

Okay, here’s where you will need your paper & pencil!

Let’s begin.


During the night the word


kept coming to me.

These are the definitions I found online:


{ to make a firm decision about my life }


{ to change or transform }


{ to clear up or deal with a problem or situation {or life – my words} successfully }


{ to dispel any doubts }


How perfect are these definitions for describing what you are looking for?

Change. Success. Clarity. Transformation.

Exercise One

Using these definitions, or creating your own, describe what you intend to spiritually resolve in your life.

What doubts do you desire to dispel?

What problem or situation in your life to you wish to resolve successfully?

What change or transformation do you desire?

What firm decision are you making?


Take as much time as needed to journal about this.

You are welcome to share this at any time.   Sharing = Healing!


Exercise Two

Write a letter of declaration to yourself!

This is an example you are welcome to use or create your own!

Dear Paula.

It is with joy that I begin to spiritually resolve my life.

I am making this 21 day commitment with great expectations.

I know that as I put my heart into this daily practice,

I will see the change in my life that can only be found as I rest in this  Oneness with God.

I am open to receive this Grace.

I am thankful.

And so it is.


Spiritual Truth

Every day I will provide a spiritual truth for you to meditate upon.

I know from my own life story that it is “in the stillness”  that God is heard.

Here is to the listening!!!

Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or wither shall I flee from thy presence?

If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.

If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;

Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.

Psalm 139:7 -10


As we part ways on day one, may your heart feel a deeper sense of God’s Presence and Peace.

This, my friend, is Grace.