Day Three

by Grace {illustrated}


It’s Day Three!

Are you beginning to notice more music? Less noise?

Trust me, Friend, it just gets better & better

 as you

Spiritually Resolve








Ready to tune into the melody?

Let’s begin.

Today’s Practice

In this sacred moment of time.

This precious moment called now

it is so easy to recognize that God. Good. is all there is.

God is in around and through me!

God is in, around and through everything and everyone!

I am tuned into this Divine Essence of all.

 God and I are One


In this Oneness

I hear God speak.

In this Oneness

I hear God direct.

In this Oneness

the noise dissipates.

God creates

an open channel of expression through me.

I allow God’s voice to be heard.

I allow God’s expression to come forth.

I am open to receive.

{Be still & know, my friend. Right where you are God is. Relax. Receive.}

I give thanks,

for this infinite gift of Oneness that is my Truth of Being.

I give thanks for the gift of Being this open channel of expression for Spirit.

I let go of my thoughts  and allow God thoughts to be heard.

To be expressed through me.

It is with joy that I accept this Oneness with God.

It is with joy that I expand this awareness of God within me right now.

I let go and let God

and so it is.

Are you Practicing this Presence throughout your day?

Tuning into the divine circuit that provides all?

You must, friend, if your personal resolve is to experience the life of Grace.

It is only through the Practice of the Presence of God that Grace is Known.

Spiritual Truth

My dear, life long friend, Deb A., who I divinely met in “Mothers Mornings Out” in 1985,

 emailed me yesterday telling me how parallel our journey is 

to the

Bible Study on the book of James that she is participating in.

In this spirit of Oneness I encourage you to read the Epistle of James;

the passage I have chosen for us to reflect upon is in the 4th chapter, the 8th verse:

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you”


Parallel? I think so!


As you take time to “draw nigh to God”, to meditate upon this passage,

I invite you to open your hearts to the awareness of God’s Presence.

Do you have to “call” that Presence to you?

Is it somewhere out there or is it nigh always?

Reflect upon the true meaning of this.


In Practice

In this complete peace that is yours right now

journal about your feelings:  the thoughts, the songs, the verses,

the words that came forth

as you chose to be in this glorious state of oneness with God.


{Remember, this is the state of Grace: infinitely available to you!}


How is this time that you are taking for God showing up in your life?

What changes are you noticing?

Reflect upon  the question asked in the beginning:

is there less noise?  More melody?

Is this Grace?

How can you abide in this sweet essence all the day long?


My Story

Do you know what happens to me when I do not take the time to begin my day becoming “nigh to God?”

When I do not choose to  literally “feel” the connection,

the Omnipresence, the Omnipotence, the Omniscience

of God?

My day goes amiss.



Because I am relying upon “my” understanding,

upon “my” limited wisdom,

upon “my” phobia’s and fears.

But, as it says in the Epistle of  James,

my interpretation

as I draw nigh to God {4:8} I am allowing the wisdom {1:5} of the Omniscient One

to guide, guard, govern my day!

When I connect with the One

when I allow this One

to provide all of my needs,



my sufficiency,





Of course, throughout the day, I have the choice to “be aware”

to be conscious of this Presence

this “nighness” of God

and it is in this continuous awareness that the harmonious day unfolds

but it is essential to











Once you feel this connection to God, you cannot go without it!

It is like having your very best friend, attached at the hip, all of the time.

It is glorious!

It is magnificent!

It is God!

Please, my friend. Practice the Presence.

Become nigh to God.

Live in Grace.



Thank you, O’ lover of our souls, for this knowingness that you are indeed our  best friend,

that your desire is for us to recognize that we truly are attached at the hip,

and all that we need do is become aware,

tune into,

Your Grace.

Our Sufficiency.

To Guide.  To Govern.  To Guard.

This day.

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I say


so it is


Thanks, Deb, for the glorious example of Oneness you shared with us today!