Day Five

by Grace {illustrated}


Welcome to day Five



I so love this journey we are on!

Tell me, I am curious, how did yesterday’s excavation go?

Were you surprised to find some of those deep seated thoughts and beliefs?

Didn’t it feel wonderful releasing them into the “nothingness” that they are?

Any additional blocks will become evident upon our trek today

as we closely examine our true perspective of God.

How big is your God


Let’s find out now!


Today’s Practice

One Presence.

One Power.

One Substance.

 One Source.

One immeasurable One



I am One with this Infinite One

right now.

In this Oneness

I feel  the breadth of God supporting me.

I feel the length of God guiding  me.

I feel the depth of God loving me.

I feel  the height of God governing me.

It is in this limitless state of peace I rest  right now.

{This is your time, Divine One, to rest in Thee}

I give thanks for all that God is.

For this Peace that I feel in my very soul

each & every time I enter

this sacred space



I give thanks for the eternal Truths that support me right now.

I do not have to wait for this glory to be known.

No, it is nigh.


I accept. I allow this Grace to Be.





so it is


{Keeping your Spiritual Resolve in mind, remember the importance of Practicing the Presence!}

Spiritual Truth

In this Spirit of Knowingness,

bring your attention to:

“God strengthening the inner man with His Spirit; {Feel} The Christ dwelling in your hearts by faith; that ye, be rooted and grounded in love.

That you may be able to comprehend with all saints what  is the breadth, and length, and depth and height

of God; and  that you may  know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge,

and that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God”

Ephesians 3:16 – 19

In this quietness, which is your strength, feel the Christ dwelling in your heart

{through faith}


being rooted and grounded in this love.

Feel the clarity of  the breadth, length depth and height of God.

Allow the fullness of God to permeate your soul.

In Practice

Dwelling in this secret place of the most high,

journal your thoughts on the riches of this glory.

Where is this glory coming from?

Is it found out there?

Or, is it within the inner man?

Nearer than hands & feet?

Is it available now?

How does this breadth, length, depth and height feel to you?

This is where your perception of God comes into focus.

Do you feel the fullness of God?

Do you see how Practicing the Presence makes this fullness of God come alive in your heart?

Do you feel the eternal, boundless Presence that God is right where you are right now?

Describe the experience.

My Story

When I first began digging deeper into my beliefs, I took classes with a wonderful little old lady named Mary.

Mary is the one that I remember hearing these words from  for the first time,

“My God is too big to be confined to any one religion”

I wondered about her “big God”

“He” sounded pretty cool to me but what did this “bigness” mean?

I can still visualize me  visualizing what she meant by all of this because at that time God had not become personal to me and He was still out there somewhere.

As I began to explore , moreover, began to meditate, to feel the Presence of God,

I began to appreciate my dear Mary’s belief.

How could I limit the limitless?

How could I bind what is boundless?

Mary was right, in my mind. In my heart. In my soul.

God became bigger than any religion for I knew that  God was in around and through everything and everyone.

In Heaven. On Earth.

Now that is BIG!

And BIG is my perception of God!


Thank you, Infinite, Unlimited One, for the Breadth, Length, Depth and Height that you are!

I allow this awareness to expand beyond my limited vision.

I allow your vision of magnificence to strengthen me.

And so it is.