{ALL} Friends of Mine.

by Grace {illustrated}


Five Minute Friday, Friend!

{Let the joy begin}

Love for you to play along —

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 where ALL belong



You. You. Yes, you, too —

are a friend of mine.

Although I have not met you

I know you are divine.


When I think of  you — I see God’s full intent.

You are completely loved. In His image as is meant.


I see your fullness.  I see His glory.

I see the wondrous story


 I choose to see it despite the matter —

I choose to see it despite the “worlds” chatter









made out of THE same stuff.


Think of what this world would be

if we loved one another as true friends indeed.

Instead of displaying  judgement & blame

 we truly saw God’s image we would be ashamed

of the manner we view our neighbor —

Was there a hint of this in Christ’s nature?

Think, dear friend, of how you choose to love.

It’s not a choice — 

It’s His Holy Presence we are speaking of.

It’s found in You. You  & especially YOU dear one!!!

You are God in expression.

So worth my love.