Unleash the Power Within!

by Grace {illustrated}

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Within you.

Within me.

Is the Power —

 that sets us free!

God is not “out there” —

 waiting to give.

God is “right there” —

encouraging us to live.

A life that exemplifies —

 all that we are.

A life that glorifies —

the Presence & Power.

How can God express —

except through you & me?

How can God display

our divinity?

Think what unleashing this Power {within} will do.

Think of the freedom you will feel, too.

You are not on this path alone.

Right where you are all that you need is known.

NO+thing can prevent your good to unfold.

NO+thing can prevent joy untold.

When you release the belief that there are two powers.

When you stand firm — choose not to cower.

Trust in the ONE Presence & Power within.

Let go of all thoughts when they begin —

 taking you down the road of insecurity.

God alone = IS. Magnificently!

Unleash the Power Within!

Watch as your life begins

taking you places heretofore unknown.

Accept this gift. You are never alone!