by Grace {illustrated}

Abundance is mine!

Grace Divine!

Infinite. Eternal. Essence of me.

All needs provided.

My house undivided.

The One Power & Presence my reality!


God my Source.

The Cosmos on Course.

No doubt of sufficiency!

Does this not ring true?

Words foreign too?

Then open your eyes so you may see.


Right where you are.

You need not go far

To find complete harmony.

Yes, it takes time.

 Getting to know the Divine

We are talking about setting your soul free!


Practice you must

To gain trust

In the Divine Presence infinitely guiding you.

What can you loose?

How can you not choose

The path that calls, “begin anew!”


Grace can be yours.

Peace & Poise restored.

Accept personal responsibility.

The Source of All

Awaits your call

But remember there is no “poor is me”


Open the door.

Accept what’s is in store

Abundance ever present.

Look around.

See  God to be found.

Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Omniscient.


Change starts right now.

Simply allow

friendship with the Master.

Every moment of this day.

Every step of the way

Your life needs not  feel like disaster.


If these words speak to you

the desire will come through

you will be led to all that is needed.

Open you heart.

Do indeed start

trusting the words heeded.


Abundance the way!

Possibilities in each day.

This your true life story!

Go within

This is where it begins!

Live your life of Glory!


Abundance is Mine!

Grace Divine!

Our Truth is worth resounding!

Celebrating this day.

You have found your way.

Here’s to your life